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Mobile Pay

Mobile Wallet - for Debit Cards

Add your OPPD Employees FCU Debit Card to your device & mobile wallet (or download your favorite mobile wallet app from your device app store) for a more convenient and safe way to pay. A mobile wallet turns your physical card into a virtual card and retains your card information securely on your mobile device, so you can streamline the payment process at participating stores, in apps, and on the web. 

Why use a mobile wallet?

  • A mobile wallet increases your card security since a physical card is not present.

  • Simplify the purchasing process at participating stores, in apps, and on the web with a tap of your mobile device. No more digging for your card.

  • Limit your checkout wait time with instant purchase transaction recognition. No need to wait for the reader or the chip card to process your payment. 

  • When shopping online, some mobile wallets will fill in your card and billing information with a finger tap, saving you time.

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